EPIC Series PENTA Sports Edition
Product Description

Like all “faux leather” noblechairs, the noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair – PENTA Sports Edition in black-orange is an archetypal luxury office chair with a 100% vegan highest-grade PU imitation leather cover. This royal specimen of a truly ergonomic office chair for fans of the famous eSports clan PENTA Sports features black faux leather that is being attractively framed by orange faux leather strips on the sides. For ideal breathability, the material is finely perforated across the entire seat and contact area.

All of the orange seams at the hems and on the backrest of the gaming seat were woven in by industrial embroidery machines with utmost accuracy and exact precision. How much love for detail has slipped into the design of the EPIC series is also shown by its numerous niceties. Contrastive white embroidered PENTA Sports logos adorn the headrest on both sides along with the back of the backrest, while an elliptical aluminium emblem with relief lettering has been placed on the backrest. Lastly, the right side of the seat area is being accentuated by a black leather segment with a white logo embroidery.

Outstanding Materials

Artificial leather made of polyurethane (PU) offers similar characteristics as genuine leather and is a synthetic polymer, first developed in the 1930s in Leverkusen (Germany), that has penetrated all areas of human life today. Due to its outstanding material properties, it can nowadays by default be found in top-of-the-range premium cars of all renowned manufacturers, and rightly so.

Similar as in sports cars, the faux leather used by noblechairs with its strength of 1.5 millimetres is at least 25% thicker and therefore considerably more durable compared with conventional gaming chairs. The even, fine surface texture imitates real leather perfectly and its look gets so close to the animal original, that even experts are unable to discern differences with the naked eye. PU imitation leather is easy to clean and feels colder than genuine leather, which can be an advantage, especially during summer.